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       "A short while back, I suffered a serious accident where in I broke both of my legs and my back in three places. When I was finally cleared to walk again, my body and my gait was a wreck causing severe hip and back pain. The heavens finally smiled on me when I got to work with Dusty. Each time I got off of his table I noticed a significant and palpable change in the way I carried myself and moved. One Ten-Series later and I feel as good as I did before my accident if not better. Dustin has power in his hands, communicates and executes his plan, and the results speak for themselves. I cannot wait for my next series with Dusty. If you're on the fence, or searching for who to work with on your body... look no further! You have found your answer in Dusty and Rolfing." 

Scott Z., L.Ac.  

"As a medical professional in training, I am generally skeptical of any/all of the 'healers' in Boulder. Dusty however, has a real gift. In his initial assessment, he was able to 1.) identify my primary and secondary chronic pain issues 2.) provide immediate relief using physical manipulations of tendons and nerves 3.) work on gait and muscle recruitment as part of a long term fix. He has done this using techniques and terminology I am familiar with from my clinical training, along with breathing techniques I recognize from yoga (ie what really works). Working with Dusty has been the most positive change I've made to my physical well being in the last year. I have referred several friends, going so far as to buy individuals their first sessions because I am so convinced Dusty can provide meaningful relief from ortho-related issues. After being a reluctant first time client many months ago, I am now looking forward to our 10th session in the near future."

Andy T. Ph.D. Student 

"If you are looking for transformational healing and lasting results, you will be in very good hands with Dusty. He is extremely professional, attentive, and will be your partner in bringing you to a place of wholeness. His office is quite comfortable, quiet and warm. I have always had a great experience. I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for years. I also developed a groin injury that kept me from working out. Although I have been seeing a fabulous chiropractor and massage therapist, I didn't start to feel lasting results until working with Dusty. I have more balance, less pain everywhere, better awareness of my body and overall greater well being. My goal was to begin transforming my body so that I could be more productive/physical and expand into a higher version of myself. We haven't even completed the series yet and I feel better physically, stopped smoking, moved, began working out again and started a new job. Dusty committed to taking the journey with me and I can't wait to see and feel what happens next. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing."


Tamara M. - Business Executive 

"I highly recommend DO Rolfing. Dusty explains the theory and concept of Rolfing so well that I could understand, even though this was my first time trying it. It was an incredibly relaxing experience during the treatment, and afterwards, I felt an immediate sense of lightness, expansion, and ease. My injuries and tight areas felt looser and without pain. I look forward to many more treatments and progress! Thank you!"

Soyona R. - M.D.

"Dusty introduced me to Rolfing.  I have a severe case of scoliosis. He took the time to educate me on the benefits of Rolfing and during our session I could see Rolfing was different from massage, chiropractic treatment and acupuncture. It addresses the fascia, it lengthens, unwinds disorders of the body's arrangement that happens due to the constant struggle against gravity thus works your body back to being more balanced. I bought a 10 series and "grew" 1/2 inch through the process. I now go once a month and look forward to feeling re-balanced after my sessions! I highly recommend giving it a try (and it doesn't hurt)."

Ann C. - Landscape Architect 

"I started Rolfing sessions with Dusty because of a hip flexor injury that wasn’t healing fully and I am so glad I did.  We worked through the full 10 series and not only did my hip flexor to stop seizing up, but my overall range of movement increased. He was great at explaining what each session was doing and how the different muscles he was working on were connected one another. I find myself using things from our sessions on a daily basis to help my overall movement and to keep from getting injured again.  Working with Dusty was easy, he made me feel really comfortable and was more than willing to answer any questions I had about what we were going to work on during each session.  I highly recommend going to Dusty if you are looking to have some bodywork done."

Kathleen S. - Entrepreneur 

"Dusty has helped me to bring light and awareness back into spaces that were clouded and dark to awareness. Dusty has developed the skills to perceive and meet the client "as they are", he is a facilitator for healing and a teacher. I feel lighter, stronger and more coordinated since beginning to work with Dusty. Every time I get off of the table I feel more connected to the earth, yet lighter overall. It is almost as if a greater strength is unlocked. Get ready to transform your life with Dusty!"

Jennifer A. - Yogi / Endurance Athlete 

      "Was having problems with my shoulder and spent an hour over two sessions with Dusty getting treated. Was really impressed that Dusty listened to my needs, but then took a whole body approach to his treatment. He explained his process and treatment philosophy applying his individualized special rolfing and massage process. After even the first treatment i could feel an easing of the pain and an increase in range of motion. I look forward to continuing the treatments with Dusty. Highly recommended-a true healer!"

Bruce F., Ph.D.

"Dusty is a caring and highly competent professional. I have had 5 sessions to date and with each one I feel a little less pain, a little more opening and a lot more hope. Sitting for a living, hunched over a keyboard - I know how important it is to undo these unhealthy patterns. I think the Rolfing SI work has already begun to build up some resiliency in my structure. Perhaps, I can begin to befriend gravity instead of cursing it! I am excited to see what the next 5 sessions produce. So glad I gave this 'rolf' thing a try; really feel like I am getting more 'bang for the buck' with this modality. Thanks so much Dusty!?

Cathy C. - Tennis Player 

"Dusty is incredibly knowledgeable with an acumen for laymen explanation always helping me to understand how the process works. He has taught me new integrative and alternative patterns that have literally taught me how to walk as well as diminished chronic pain. He is professional and respectful of my comfort and experience. Highly recommended!"

Drea H. - CEO

"If your body hurts and you are considering massage, reiki, acupuncture, etc., go to Dusty and try Rolfing. Dusty is an expert who works with you no matter what your physical condition. At first I was self conscious because I’m a middle-aged full-bodied woman; Dusty put me at ease. He talked me through what he’s doing and why, and willing to answer questions. Very professional, responsive to subtle pain cues, and strong while working to loosen fascia and soft tissue, such as breaking up scar tissue. Dusty brought a different approach to treating my wrist and tendon injury that complemented the PT I was doing. After seven sessions I have less pain all around, better alignment/posture, and less stressed - yeah, Dusty is fantastic at Rolfing, it’s worth it."

Shelley O. - Ph.D.

"I came to Dusty with multiple injuries, along with various aches and pains that had accumulated by my mid 30s. At the time I had already tried PT, massage and acupuncture. Needless to say, I was skeptical. By the 4th session I saw a dramatic improvement with all my physical ailments! But that's not all...as I got closer to my 10th session I noticed my mental health had improved. I not only felt light on my feet but had a deeper sense of peace in my heart. Dusty is awesome at what he does! He looks at all parts of the body...the physical, the mental and how you use both to move through the world. I am a very satisfied client!"

Laura M. - Athlete/Mother

"I had stiffness and pain (lower back and legs) and tried many different things; collagen, cbd oil, yoga, anti-inflammatory supplements. You get the idea. Nothing was really helping so I thought it would be worth trying rolfing. I completed 10 sessions with Dusty and am amazed at the results. In addition to opening up space in my body, he taught me how to adjust my walking and sitting to deal with any pain that tries to come back. My pain is not gone 100% but probably 80-90% gone and when it seems to stiffen up, I can make adjustments myself and the stiffness subsides within minutes. I had some other results that weren't even addressed directly - swelling in my feet has decreased (possibly gone away?), frequent heartburn. All I can say is that I am a believer."

Kathy R. - Educator 

"I highly recommend Dusty and DO Rolfing for anyone that wants to address issues with movement, pain in their body, or if you just want to get a slight edge. I started the program after restarting trail running. The patterns of pain in my knee and shoulder arrived after a few runs and I knew I needed something to change. Following a few session the patters were gone, in fact, the 30 minute consultation yielded a noticeable difference in my knee. My mobility during running and resistance training began feeling more smooth and natural after 3-4 sessions . Give it a try and experience the benefits. Rolfing helped me reach a new level and enhanced the benefits of other interventions such stretching, massage and chiro."

Bill D. - Family Law Programs Manager 

"In my earlier years I had two whip lash injuries because of this I have seen Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths (that solely do body work), and a Rolfer (in MN). I feel like I know a good therapist when I find one! Last summer I experienced sciatic pain for the first time which led to hip pain that effected my sleeping and created a constant pain that shot down my leg into my foot. After trying a number of therapists, I called Dusty, I had not had Rolfing done in years, but something told me I needed to give this a try. Dusty is very in tune with the human body and after ONE session I had such great relief I went back and have continued to go back, he has not only helped this sciatic issue he has helped me with deeper breathing, and more items. I realized a few weeks back when wearing heels and walking briskly down the street I was truly stable and my ankles and feet were grounded this was a victory after how I felt a year ago. I highly recommend Dusty and his Rolfing skills to whomever I can."

Meredith R. - Real Estate Agent 

"Dusty is the friggin best! His office is in the gym I go to and I heard others at the gym talking about how much they had enjoyed their sessions with Dusty. I was a little nervous because I have a prior knee injury and have tried Chiropractic and physical therapy to help me understand and manage my pain better- and to try to understand how to ensure I am using my body "the right way". This is what you get when you do Rolfing- you learn to use your body the right way! I don't know how he does it but what starts out as seemingly just a "pat on the back" or '"hand on your shoulder" feeling turns into you thinking "huh, I didn't realize that muscle was connected there" or "Whoa, I feel that in my chest!" hah! I literally laugh out loud at times marveling at Dusty's work and deep understanding of the body. He is always calm, respectful, and attentive. I am on session 4 of 10 and all I am thinking is how I don't want to get to 10 and be done. EVERY time I go we focus on a different "section" or muscle group and I always leave feeling more in tune with my body, more relaxed, and more empowered to use my body the way it was meant to be. You literally feel your body got upgraded to a better model. If you are nervous to try this, don't be. It will be awesome. :)"

Sarah M. - Kindergarten Teacher

"I have had 6 sessions so far and plan on keeping a routine simply based on my first session with Dusty. I am a hygienist, athlete, and a mom. I have been seeing a chiropractor twice a week for a year. With dusty, I had more relief and flexibility in ONE session. I highly recommend him. He really listens and is very knowledgeable with what your mind and body are trying to heal and improve."

Marie D. - Dental Hygienist