Sports Performance

“Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strain and overuse. Rolfing supports structural realignment for greater efficiency of movement and more precise movement.”

- Dr. Karl Ullis, Olympic Physician

Two-time Olympian, U.S. Nordic Ski Team Member, John Bauer, says, “Rolfing® [SI] helped me get back my career. It tackled some specific injuries that were restricting me from training for the ‘98 Olympics and got me back on track. You can ice and rest, but no matter how slow you train, until you lengthen out the tightness and scarring, it will come back.”

Amy Acuff, Olympic track athlete says” I use Rolfing to increase my performance. It freed up a lot of space in my movement, increased my range of motion and gave me more efficient muscle control. The increased range of motion helps me refine the use of my proprioceptions, so I know where I am in space. It also streamlined my motor pathways.”

Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, commented, “I feel like I benefitted from it after just having one session. . . . I still feel fresh. I don’t feel like it’s late in the season, and you know, due to working with Russell and getting Rolfing done, along with eating healthy, along with coach Carroll and our practice habits, I feel like I’m always fresh.” after working with Certified Advanced Rolfer Russell Stolzoff.

Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers Coach says, “I’m the kind of person that likes to physically challenge myself. I think Rolfing is a valuable resource…for keeping myself together.”

Sean Casey, Professional Baseball Player says, "In Oakland I blew out my calf while batting. When I swung it felt like an explosion in my calf. It was going to be tough. The World Series was coming up quick, and I thought I would not be able to play.

The MRI showed that I tore the fascia wrapping my soleus. I did not know what fascia was before I tried Rolfing. When the injury occurred I new to call my Rolfer. The first day I saw Michael I could feel him reset the muscle and put it back in place. I think Rolfing is one of the best things going. No doubt it has helped me so much."

Casey came back from his torn calf in Game 2 of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, becoming the hottest hitter for the Tigers belting 2 home runs and batting .432 in five games.

"The World Series was the highlight of my career and without my Rolfer I would not have been able to do what I did. (Doctors projected a three week recovery; Sean was playing again within 10 days.) Rolfing has helped me 100%."

The Phoenix Suns were the first major NBA Basketball team to have a Certified Advanced Rolfer on hand, Jeffrey Maitland. “Phoenix Suns guard, Danny Ainge, who has received Rolfing for years, recommended the therapy to (Charles) Barkley. Other Suns, Mark West and A.C. Green, also have been Rolfed…with satisfactory results,” reported the Arizona Republic, May 1994.

World-renowned Extreme skier, and popular Warren Miller ski film star, John Egan, says, “Rolfing [SI] gave me the elasticity to make my first day of skiing look like I was in mid-season form. When people asked me what I’d been doing, I said you won’t believe it, but it was Rolfing bodywork. The first time I tried Rolfing bodywork the rejuvenating effects were incredible. Since then I have been recommending Rolfing [SI] to others.”

1998 U.S. Paralympic gold medal skier, Sarah Will, says, “Rolfing [SI] increased my performance time 100%. It eliminated my body pain and relaxed my muscles at the starting gate. My concentration and motivation increased, giving me the winning edge. Rolfing [SI] loosened my lower back, shifting strength into my upper back where I need it,and increased my starting time. Seeing these results, and knowing I was in the best shape possible, my confidence rose. I think every sport should include a team Rolfer™ in their training program. Skiing demands a sharp mind. The stronger you are the more confident you become. The injuries (from the accident) left me off balance until I discovered the benefits of Rolfing bodywork, and I’ve been winning ever since.”

Olympic skier, Mickey Egan (wife of Extreme skier, Dan Egan), says, “Rolfing [SI] helps a lot, just in the way it helps me to loosen up, so I’m ready to go again. It’s great. Athletes tend to use the same muscles over and over. They get tighter and tighter and this has an effect on the muscles. We can stretch but not reach everything. Rolfing [SI] helps me reach areas like the ribs, abdominals, upper body, and hips that are hard to get.”

Other pro-athletes who have benefited from Rolfing SI include NFL Detroit Lion's, Golden Tate and Devin Taylor, Pro Surfer, Kelly Slater; Cyclist, Lance Armstrong; Michelle Kwan and Elvis Stojko, ‘98 Olympic Silver Medal figure skaters; Phil Jackson, former Lakers' coach; Charles Barkley of the Houston Rockets; Rob Moore of the Phoenix Cardinals, Sean Casey, Detroit Tigers; Tim Salmon, CA Angels; the Phoenix Suns basketball team; Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburg Penguins; Bob Tewksbury, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins; Edwin Moses, Olympic track athlete; Joe Greene, ‘96 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medal long jumper; and Ivan Lendl, former tennis champion.