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Rolfing® Structural Integration is a profound system of body work that applies hands-on-therapy and movement education to improve structural alignment and functional performance. The objective of Rolfing® is to re-align the structure to provide lasting relief from pain, poor posture, and chronic stress.


Rolfing’s holistic approach effectively enhances balance, strength and mobility within the body. It works with the fascia, connective tissues, nervous system, bones and joints of the body to increase range of motion, mobility, and fluidity within the body’s physical, emotional, and energetic levels. Rolfing can restore freedom of movement, increase athletic performance, as well as, improve mind-body awareness and coordination. 


"Is Rolfing® SI Right For Me?"

People from all walks of life can benefit from Rolfing® SI. If you are seeking to experience optimal health or just relief from chronic pain and stress, you are a great candidate for Rolfing®. Rolfing® is proven, effective and safe.

Do you struggle with any of the following?

- Back/Hip Pain

- Neck, Back, Shoulder Tension 

- Poor Posture

- Headaches/Migraines

- Emotional Tension 

- Reoccurring Athletic Injury

- Dysfunctional or Impaired Balance

- Stiffness in Knees and Ankles

- Whiplash

- Recovery from Surgurey  

"How Can I Benefit From Rolfing® SI?"

Structural alignment and functional movement reinforces economical-energy expenditure. If you aren’t restricted by tension and pain, you have more energy for your professional and personal activities.

Most Common Reported Benefits:

- Pain Relief

- Stress Reduction

- Improvement in Athletic Performance

- Increased Energy and Mood Quality

- Longer and Deeper Sleep 

- Feel Taller/Flatter Belly

- Greater Sense of Body Awareness and Coordination

- Deep Level of Release and Relaxation

- Sense of Being Grounded 

- Better Blood Flow and Circulation

- Elimination of Toxins

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"What Should I Expect in a Typical Session?"

The work revolves around a system of body work, referred to as 'The Recipe,' and is organized into 10 sessions that addresses the entire body. This unique manual therapy uses a sophisticated hands-on approach to de-pattern dysfunctional habits our body develops over time, while working within the fascial web.


Fascia is the network of connective tissues that encases every muscle and bone in our body, as well as, acts as a communication highway. Fascia provides internal stability and is often referred to as the organ of shape.

With a listening touch, Rolfers™ work with the soft-connective tissues to help rehydrate and release old patterns to improve movement and overall body function. We use a skillful touch to down regulate the nervous system so changes, in muscle tonicity, circulation, and energy levels, are possible. 


Rolfing® SI Compliments:

- Endurance Training

- Sports

- Yoga

- Acupuncture/ TCM

- Holistic Medicine 

- Physical Therapy 


- Professional Desk Jobs


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“Rolfers make a life study of relating bodies and their fields to Earth and its gravity field, and we so organize the body that the gravity field can reinforce the body’s energy field. This is our primary concept.”


-Dr. Ida Rolf


Dusty’s goal is to help you create a new relationship with your body to encourage optimal health.

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